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SDW Advisors is an advisory firm to owners, directors, management and fiduciaries of middle market private and family owned businesses, typically with annual sales to $250 million. SDW, whose founder and principal is Steve Woodworth, empowers and assists Clients to (1) build enterprise value and (2) facilitate applicable succession and/or exit options. Based on Client objectives, SDW identifies the appropriate success variables and designs and helps to implement the programs and practices necessary to achieve value enhancing goals and liquidity events.

Steve has an extensive investment banking and company management history which has resulted in an appreciation for the strategic, tactical and operational qualities necessary for successful companies. He applies applicable leadership, management and governance practices to achieve and sustain Client objectives.

Steve’s engagements typically involve some combination of the following:

SDW Advisors Office Arizona
  • Mentoring and Advising Leaders
  • Identifying Organizational and Strategic Issues
  • Formulating Appropriate Strategic Imperatives
  • Designing Programs and Standard Practices
  • Facilitating Achievement of Strategic Objectives

SDW helps Clients realize growth, succession and exit objectives, which may include any of the following types of engagements: consulting, mentoring, interim management and Board participation.

SDW is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and supports Clients in Arizona and the western U.S.

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